2010 Named Deadliest Year

The United Nations recently released a report naming 2010 as one of the most deadly years for natural disasters out of the last 20 years. This is largely due to the Haitian earthquake (January 27, 2010) and Russian heat wave (early August), which killed 286,000 people collectively. Overall last year, over 370 natural disasters claimed almost 300,000 lives.
The majority of deaths in 2010 were in the Americas, caused primarily by the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile (on February 27). Europe ranked second due to the heat waves it experienced last year. Asia came in after both of these continents, despite the fact that, of people affected by disasters, 90% live in Asia.
U.N. officials are encouraging governments to take weather and climate change into consideration when planning urban areas, as they feel that climate change is likely to bring about more weather-related disasters in the future.

Sources: VOANews.com | HuffingtonPost.com

Rebecca S.

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