Impact of Annual Floods on Botswana Safaris

Botswana faces annual floods between March and April in its Okavango Delta, which is located in northwestern Botswana. Savuti Marsh in Botswana is greatly affected by the yearly flooding. The marsh is all that is left of what was once an inland lake, but the lake’s water supply was cut off long ago and now depends on the Savuti Channel for its water. The Savuti Channel does not flow often and finally reached the Marsh in January 2010 after not having enough water flow to reach it since 1982. During these flooding seasons the safari businesses throughout Botswana are hurt due to the increased difficulties in doing a safari while the rivers are flooded. The impact of this year’s early flood is extra large as it follows another very wet year in 2010. So while these floods are not necessarily dangerous, they hurt the local economy a great deal, and affect the animals that live in the area.

David S.


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