1994 Mid-Michigan Earthquake

The Central Michigan Earthquake of September 2, 1994 - from https://www.msu.edu/~fujita/earthquake/eqinfo.html#lansingOn September 2, 1994 just outside of Lansing, Michigan, in what is my hometown of Potterville, there was a 3.4 magnitude earthquake that rumbled through the city and was felt by most in the surrounding areas. The Epicenter was located almost exactly in the small town of Potterville, where the depth of the earthquake was recorded to be 5 kilometers. There was hardly any damage to be reported except for maybe a few broken dishes in the homes of the residents.  The seismometer in Ann Arbor recorded the intensity of this earthquake and researchers at Michigan State University produced an isoseismal map of the Mid-Michigan area. The significance of this earthquake to myself is not only that it happened in my hometown, but also that it happened only two days before my younger sister was born. This wasn’t the strongest earthquake in Michigan’s history, but for a state with limited seismic events this was an interesting day.

Source: www.msu.edu/~fujita

-Alex V.

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1 Response to 1994 Mid-Michigan Earthquake

  1. It happened the day before my husband and I were married. I didn’t feel it because I was headed to my hometown (Marshall) from Lansing on I-69. I seem to remember my husband (who was still in Lansing when it occurred) did feel it.

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