Typhoon Tip 1979

Typhoon Tip may not have been the most damaging or deadly typhoon in history but has been considered the most intense. Tip struck during the 1979 Pacific typhoon season. It formed in the western Pacific Ocean and headed toward Guam. It eventually diverged from the predicted path and moved westward, passing Guam but dropping 9.09 inches of rain on Andersen Air Force Base (Weather Almanac for October 2009). Tip was classified as a tropical storm, but then upgraded to a typhoon and finally categorized as a supertyphoon. On October 12 its diameter was at 1,350 miles. The recorded pressure was 870 mb, which is a world record low. Its one minute sustained wind speed was 190 mph and ten minute speed was 160 mph. It weakened and eventually made landfall in Japan with 80 mph winds and continued to dissipate. It caused millions of dollars of damage and injured 283 people, killing an estimated 42 along with 71 missing.

Steve S.

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