More flooding to Australia: Cyclone Yasi

As Australia is still dealing with flooding, more damage will be caused by Cyclone Yasi, which is expected to hit in the next few days. It has strengthened to a category 3 storm and is expected to reach a 4. This cyclone, if it hits, will be the biggest that Queensland has ever seen. It will bring heavy rainfall and cause more flooding (rvd: after Cyclone Tasha, December 2010), damage, and high winds. With this cyclone comes high home insurance, which had already risen 8% right before the flooding. 2011 will bring higher costs because La Nina is in effect which could bring 22 cyclones instead of the average 12. These extra cyclones are caused by warmer ocean waters. Higher costs is great for insurance companies but can cause more pain when people have to clean up and pay more to get their lives back together.

Kimberly B.

sources: Cyclone threatens Australia’s NE | Flood Makes Heavy Weather of Insurance Costs

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2 Responses to More flooding to Australia: Cyclone Yasi

  1. isp203student says:

    Cyclone Yasi hit Wed. night and was a category five. It will continue to go through Australia, and power has gone out. It is one of the worst cyclones that has hit and has huge waves hitting the beach and homes. Yasi will bring more damage after the second wave and hope people are safe!
    Kimberly B.

  2. Shelby Rodriguez says:

    Cyclone Yasi
    Today North Queensland in Australia has been struck by a large tropical storm. Storm Yasi is the largest tropical storm to strike Australia since the Europeans settled there in the 1800s. Wind speeds reached 186 mph and waves over 9 m tall.
    The category 5 storm reached North Queensland at midnight. Category 5 is the most dangerous kind of storm. The storms are categorized by sustained wind speeds and by the speed of gusts of wind.
    Jonathan Knott, professor of geomorphology and natural hazards praised Australia’s emergency efforts but states, “We’re not so good at mitigating against hazards. We’re allowing people to build in very low-lying areas that are going to be impacted by these sorts of cyclones.”
    After a long, stress filled night, the people of Queensland are now assessing the damage and working together, even with a sense of humor. On the plywood of one boarded up cafe’ were the words, “Kiss my Yasi”.

    For a video of the storm:

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