Volcano Shinmoedake Is Back

Shinmoedake Just recently, volcano Shinmoedake, located in the Kirishima mountains in Japan, had its first major eruption in 52 years, exploding with smoke and ash over five times larger than in the previous week. This volcano has led to evacuation of several residents and cancellations of flights. Despite this large activity, experts say that it’s only the start of what is yet to come. Compared to the eruption 300 years ago, more violent eruptions could be on the way. According to Justin McCurry’s article, lava is building up in the crater as a result of pressure from below, and could possibly spill over the side of the mountain. The eruption hasn’t caused any deaths; however, boulders have fallen onto roads and are smashing through buildings. The alert warning for Shinmoedake has also increased and it seems that this is only the beginning of what could be a huge danger to southern Tokyo.

-Danielle B

Sources: Pictures on BoingBoing.net | Justin McCurry, The Guardian

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