Gaining Positive Face in the Face of Disaster

The day after Christmas in 2004, an earthquake with more power than 23,000 atomic bombs unleashed its destructive force on surrounding areas of the Indian Ocean. After causing devastation in 11 countries, displacing millions of people, and killing hundreds of thousands, the earthquake and resulting tsunami were referred to as “perhaps the most destructive tsunami in history,” by National Geographic. The Tsunami was the result of the Indian plate sliding underneath the Burma plate in a convergent boundary. With so many countries in need, the United Nations, The United States, and many other countries pledged to aide in funds for disaster relief. As an advertising major specializing in public relations, I see President Bush’s intentions to send money and help to countries in need as a way to gain continued public support after his recent reelection into office. His efforts to help other countries also provided benefits to him by giving him a positive image in the face of Americans and the global relations.

Emily J.B.

References: | National Geographic

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