Caribbean Paradise Flattened

On September 4, 2004, a tropical depression developed into a Tropical Storm, Hurricane Ivan, in the Atlantic Ocean 500 miles off the coast of Brazil. Hurricane Ivan ripped through the Caribbean and devastated many countries including the Cayman Islands. Tourism is the largest source of income for these small Caribbean Islands. On September 5, Hurricane Ivan reached the shores of Grand Cayman as a category 4 Hurricane. Ivan absolutely devastated Grand Cayman, however not in the way hurricanes of this magnitude typically effect these small islands. Hurricane Ivan only took the lives of two people on the island, however it caused more than $3.5 billion worth of damages. This Hurricane destroyed roughly 85% of the buildings on the island and left Grand Cayman with no power or water services for months after, which made tourism nearly impossible for more than 6 months. This Hurricane hurt very few people directly, but drastically changed the economy of many Caribbean islands.

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Jason B.

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