Learning from Indonesia’s Previous Earthquakes

In October of 2010, a Magnitude 7.7 earthquake led to a tsunami hitting the coast of Indonesia. The high death roll (>100) could be attributed to the lack of warning, as well as the building materials of structures in the area. I believe the more education people are given on natural disasters, the better chance they have to survive. This same fault was the cause of a 2004 deadly earthquake and tsunami, and perhaps more steps could’ve been taken after 2004 to better prepare for the next disaster. Maybe practice drills could have been regularly implemented for at risk areas, and safe places could have been designated. As an elementary education major, it is important to teach safety steps, and also teach students to deal with the aftermaths of disasters. I could share an article of other young children who have had to deal with disaster as well.

-Haley B.

Source: Foxnews | BBC

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