Quake crushes schools in Haiti

Tents as SchoolEveryone has heard about the recent earthquake that caused phenomenal destruction in Haiti on January 11, 2010.  Much of what was plastered across newspapers and given prevalence on news stations were the death tolls and the help or lack thereof that was being brought in to aid in the revival of the country. One issue that was not at the forefront was the destruction of schools that ensued. This is surprising when the loss of education could be the number one thing that threatens the future of Haiti. The education system in this country is seen as the only way to achieve a better life. The magnitude 7.0 earthquake erased at least 75% of the schools in the country’s capital, not to mention that many of the teachers and students were killed in the quake. The principal need right now is for classroom materials that now lie among the rubble. 

Jamie B.

Sources: Washingtonpost.com | Guardian.co.uk/education

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