Earthquake Aid Denied

Pakistan welcomed 2011 with a M7.2 earthquake on January 19th. The earthquake did not cause a lot of damage (only 200 houses at the epicenter were affected) and no deaths were reported, but it made a lot of people fearful of the earthquake’s repercussions because the surrounding area just recovered from flooding the previous summer.  Those that felt the earthquake in surrounding countries at 1:23am claimed that the earthquake itself lasted only for 30 seconds. The earthquake occurred approximately 200 miles southwest from Quetta (capital of the Balochistan Province) where the government sent the military to control the borders by keeping out any journalist from documenting the event and any foreigners (even with a visa). The government denied aid from United States, China, and Australia, initially arguing that there were no injuries reported—citizens were simply in shock because it isn’t common for earthquakes to occur there. 

Lauren B.

Sources:…/Pakistan-earthquake-hits-Afghan-Taliban-haven | CNN

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