Heat Waves and Food Delays

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2010 tied the record holder, 2005, for hottest year to date. Throughout the year 19 nations set record temperature highs. They also reported that 2010 was the wettest year on record. With higher heat come warmer sea surface temperatures and more moisture in the air. The extra moisture in the air acts as fuel for storms. This connection is starting to point to climate fluctuations causing these weather-related disasters. Heat waves are sprouting up across the world, and if a country that is dependent on imports loses those trade sources, food crises may be in the future. Take the US, a large producer,  for example. If the United States of America was hit hard by one of these heat waves, it could spell disaster for countries that rely on our exports.

Matthew W

guardian/extreme-weather-global-food-crisis | guardian/2010-2nd-warmest

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