It’s Raining Birds

New Studies have shown that the sleeping fault of the New Madrid fault zone has awakened, causing over 500 earthquakes in Arkansas [rvd: more specifically, in 4 months from Sept-Dec 2010]. Since the discovery, mysterious events have taken place, thousands of birds have dropped dead out of the sky, and thousands of fish have washed up dead on the Arkansas river. According to Jack M. Reed, a retired Texaco geologist-geophysicist, this new activity on the fault zone is partly caused by the recent BP oil spill of 2010 [rvd: read the article again, and see that Reed clearly does not say this]. Reed believes that the Gulf of Mexico is currently on a tectonically active plate, and the source for most of the seismic activity along the New Madrid fault.

This New Madrid fault line stretches all the way up into Indiana and caused a recent earthquake of magnitude 3.9 in Kokomo, Indiana. The New Madrid fault created a series of magnitude 8 earthquakes in the 1800’s which leaves scientists concerned for what is to come of this potentially deadly fault line.

-Jordan W.

Sources: End of the American Dream dot

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1 Response to It’s Raining Birds

  1. isp203 says:

    The article on is full of sensationalism. The article suggests that recent seismic activity is somehow linked to various other recent events (dead birds and fish) in Arkansas and beyond (BP oil spill in the Gulf Mexico), but the evidence for these claims is extremely weak or non-existent. I have added a tag “sensationalism” to this post.

    By the way, the increased recent seismic activity is real. The article refers to increased seismic activity in 2010, but just this week and last several earthquakes with magnitude <4 have occurred, as can be seen here

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