An Era of Climate and Food Insecurity

In 2010, temperature records were set in upwards of 19 nations. Pakistan recorded 53.5C which is the hottest temperature ever reliably measured in Asia’s history. Global climate change is a serious issue and can not be ignored any longer. It is not only the change in temperature that is a problem. Due to a change in climate, sea surface temperatures are rising, contributing to the record rainfall and high humidity in coastal regions throughout the world.

Individually these events are problems, but collectively they are contributing to a global food crisis. These weather extremes create crop shortages. In the future, producers of goods will ban exports in order to feed their people. Those without allied food supplies will face major issues. “We are entering an era of climate and food insecurity”(Romm). World leaders are making plans to help developing countries adapt to the effects of climate change but it may be too little too late.

Ethan W.

Sources: Guardian | NYtimes – Krugman

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