Population of New Orleans falls 30% since Hurricane Katrina

The population of New Orleans LA, has dropped 30% since the 2000 census. A good amount of this was due to Hurricane Katrina, which hit the city in the summer of 2005. Before Katrina, New Orleans was famously an overwhelmingly black city, with African Americans making up 67% of the population. That figure has dropped to 60% in the 2010 census, which reveals 118,000 fewer black residents. While the black population has declined, the white population has crept up to 30%, and there has been an increase in the Hispanic presence too, which is a result of the influx of workers needed for the city’s reconstruction.

The fall is greater than had been estimated, although the census numbers are likely to be challenged by those who argue that many people were overlooked by the official count. At the next state legislative session, the city will face losing its exemption from large numbers of state laws that only apply to cities with populations above 400,000. This is only talking about the population; it is hard to imagine what the physical damage to the city is. This just shows that there is no way to prevent natural hazards and they have a big affect on society.

Dan E.

Sources: Guardian | newser.com

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