Cyclones Bombard Australia With Rain

Cyclones near Australia have led to heavy rainfall, specifically cyclone Carlos.  Record levels of rain, over 684mm of rain fell in Darwin, Australia over the span of four days.  Subsequently, homes were evacuated, the Darwin airport was shut down and also the city’s dam overflowed resulting in flooding. Sandbags have been used to help curtail some of the flooding. Fears of a storm surge have begun to circulate among the residents of Darwin. Also, another cyclone, cyclone Dianne has been developing near Australia as well and could be a category 3.  Dianne is the fifth cyclone to hit Australia this season.  As you can tell, Australia has had a busy cyclone season this year. This busy cyclone season was predicted and experts believe that it is due to the La Nina system.  However, La Nina didn’t affect Australia exclusively. Sri Lanka has also been hit with storms and flooding this season.

David W.

Sources: BBC News | ABC News

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