There are hurricanes in Texas?

You mustn’t forget that Texas is located on the gulf of Mexico. But when Texas comes to mind people don’t usually think of hurricanes.  But on September 8th 1900 the hurricane barreling down on them was the only thing on the residents of Galveston’s minds.  This hurricane was a category 4 and had wind speeds up to 135 mph when it hit. This hurricane claimed over 8,000 lives.  Which makes it the deadliest hurricane to strike the United States to date. The next comparable hurricane was in 1928, which caused 2,500 deaths, and Hurricane Katrina with around 1,800 lives lost. As you can imagine the technology of 1900 was not too impressive.  here was no way to tell the exact origin of the storm. At the time, Galveston was the hub of trade for Texas and it’s largest city with a population of 42,000 residents. To prevent so much damage from storms in the future a 17 foot seawall was built and when another large storm hit in 1915 only 53 people lost their lives. On June 27, 1957 Hurricane Audrey hit near the border of Texas and Louisiana. This storm had a 12 foot storm surge and caused 390 deaths. The damages from this storm totaled $700 million.

Rachel W

Sources: Wikipedia | USAToday

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