U.S. Army Corps Levee breach

In August of 2005, what Maryland Weather calls the third deadliest United States hurricane, Hurricane Katrina, struck the south. Tearing its way through the gulf of Mexico it gained the strength of a category 5 storm, although it made landfall as a category 3. It made most of its destruction in New Orleans. One main causal factor of the damage in New Orleans was flooding. The problem that led to 85 percent of this flooding in Louisiana was a levee breach. The levees were designed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. It was thought that had these structures been built properly much damage could have been avoided. A lawsuit was filed and a settlement of 20 Million dollars was agreed for property owners with flood damage from Hurricane Katrina and the levee breach.

Michelle K. (Pre-Law Major)

Sources: http://weblogs.marylandweather.com/2007/05/katrina_costliest_3rd_deadlies.html | http://www.propertycasualty360.com/2009/01/05/new-orleans-levee-boards-settle-breach-case-for–20-million | http://www.leveeclaims.com/

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