Roads Blocked in Mexican Landslide

Residents in Mexico were furious when they could not evacuate from their small town of Oaxaca because the roads were so bad. A landslide took out the many homes. The damage was at a maximum because the homes were on a slanted hill. The old saying goes what goes up must come down. Gravity. The steeper the hill, the faster and more likely to do damage a landslide will be [rvd: steepness does not equal hazard]. One hundred to three hundred homes were carried 1300 feet down the hill. Oaxaca saw an increase in rainfall this year making it more subject for landslides to occur. With the hurricanes this season it was more likely that a major landslide was going to occur. The hill was loosened by the rain and very early in the morning the avalanche disturbed the community. The government advised the residents to leave the community. The residents could not leave because the roads were in such bad condition. The mudslide trapped thirty communities. Roads connecting communities were in such bad shape that residents would not leave even with government influence. Although there were no confirmed deaths, the rescuers could only enter the town on foot. Funds were and could not be raised to improve the roads. This natural disaster could not have been avoided but it could have been easily dealt with much more productively then it initially was.

George K.

Sources: | Guardian

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