Unleashed Power of Water leads to Destruction: Indian Ocean Tsunami

Curious beach-goers in Indonesia watched in amazement as an enormous wave accelerated [rvd: actually, as the wave entered shallower waters when approaching land, it slowed down and gained height] towards the shore. Before they could try to or even think to make a getaway they were hit by the giant tsunami. This tsunami is the one that occurred in the Indian Ocean in 2004. It was created by one of the largest earthquakes of all time, and that earthquake occurred in the Andaman-Sumatra subduction zone. It happened because the fault between the Indian Plate and the Burma Plate slipped. The earthquake had a magnitude of 9.1, and the earth shook for over eight minutes. This violent earthquake resulted in the most monstrous tsunami of all time, killing about 230,000 people with 100 ft waves. Not only did many deaths occur, but so much damage was done to the roads, bridges, and buildings. Debris and waste were bestrewed all throughout the land, and the water washed away many areas making it unrecognizable.

Sources: Science DiscoveryGlobal Education

Jeffrey K

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