Earthquakes Strike Chile Again

Chile has been struck by devastating earthquakes in the past, but with the most recent ones they have gotten lucky. On Sunday February 27, 2011, a Magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck near Concepcion. Unlike past earthquakes this one has caused zero reported deaths and minimal damage. The earthquake was a shallow one striking only 31 kilometers deep [rvd: this is shallow for this region, but much deeper than the M6.3 EQ in Christchurch a week ago]. This most recent earthquake occurred on the one year anniversary of the 8.8 magnitude that killed 521 people.  Chile again got lucky that this earthquake was not strong enough to generate a tsunami unlike the earthquake that had occurred the previous year. Also just two weeks ago a 6.8 magnitude earthquake had occurred near Lebu, Chile causing zero deaths but major power outages.

Kelsey R

Sources: CNN | Channel6News

[rvd: see also USGS for historical seismicity of the region]

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