New Zealand’s ‘Darkest Day’

On February 2nd, 2011 tragedy hit Christchurch, New Zealand in the form of a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. Seventy five causalties were reported and more than three hundred reported missing [rvd: casualties are estimated to be over 200]. Prime Minister John Key stated that New Zealand had seen its “darkest day”. Buildings were demolished, and large towers collapsed onto cars and busses. Rescuers had to amputate limbs of trapped people and stage drastic rescue missions. Officials say that this earthquake was an aftershock of an earthquake experienced in September. The reason that this earthquake caused so much damage was because the city was closer to the epicenter of the earthquake than the previous one. Relating this earthquake to my major, James Madison College-Social Relations and Policy, has proven difficult; however, a brief statement in the article discusses how delegates from the American government were in Christchurch for a meeting of the United States New Zealand Partnership Forum and left just hours before the earthquake struck. They were discussing damage that was caused from the previous earthquake, ironically.

Megan T.

Sources: NY Times | ABC news

Megan T.

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