Aiding Landslide Victims through Google Maps

The city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has recently and historically experienced multiple landslides caused by extreme precipitation. With these disasters (such as one in April 2010), victims are often left homeless and possibly in the way of danger once again by unknown weak land areas. As a way of communicating the possible dangers, various residents took photos of landslides around their areas and posted them on Google Maps to alert the victims of dangerous areas. By doing this, volunteers could communicate to victims where they could be safe.

Another measure taken was a Crisis Response Map, also on Google. This map showed various Red Cross stations, food and water centers, public telephone usage areas, and Internet centers. By locating these vital centers, the aids at the locations could assist the victims in receiving proper health care and food, as well as help them contact family members by phone or internet. All of these measures taken by Google Maps helped ease the suffering of thousands of victims by providing them with basic needs and a helping hand.

Caroline R.

Sources: Dave’s Landslide Blog |

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