Laguna Beach Landslides

As a young teen, my favorite TV show was Laguna Beach. It was a show on MTV, about a group of high school students, their social life and drama, living in Laguna Beach, California. I love the beach, so the picturesque setting made the high school drama so much more interesting. I have had the chance to visit Laguna Beach many times and with houses all up and down the cliffs along the beach, it has become one of my most favorite places. With the beauty of the Laguna being one of my favorite things about show, I was very surprised when an episode focused around a fashion show benefit to Laguna Beach landslide victims. This episode aired about 5 years ago but even though Laguna Beach is a beautiful place, the problem of landslides continues. An article for an Orange County newspaper written on February 4, 2011 explains how recent landslides in Laguna Beach have shown that the town must continue to develop better plans on how to deal with them. They plan to address issues about how to be more prepared and also what measures to take to prevent landslides in the future.

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  1. Kathleen Calef says:

    Are you Elizabeth (Pearson) who used to work at CB headquaters?

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