The Buried Truth

source: USGS

On September 19, 1985 the most devastating earthquake in the recorded history of Mexico hit Mexico City at 7:12 am. The earthquake was of magnitude 8.1 and the city was not prepared for a disaster of this force. The casualties of this earthquake are still disputed. This example of buried and inadequate evidence demonstrates more than geological problems within the country; 10,000 is the most commonly cited number of deaths. The terrain, unstable since the city was built on Lake Texcoco, increased the vibration of buildings above ten stories, making them much more vulnerable to collapse. My parents lived in Mexico City at the time of this disaster and witnessed the chaos. The aftermath could have been lessened if contractors obliged by regulations instead of using cheap material to pocket leftover money. This disaster resulted in high death tolls and added another highlight of government corruption in Mexico.

Marisol D

sources: Science Magazine | (in Spanish)

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  1. In Rikuzentakata Japan, highly radioactive water has leaked into the ocean from a nuclear power plant that was damaged during the devastating tsunami that hit this area a few weeks ago. Japan was hit by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and a subsequent tsunami, which has destroyed the normally thriving nation. These plants have lost power and have caused nuclear waste to seep out of the plant causing even more problems for Japan. The problem has become so bad that Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has been visiting the plants to try and help solve the problem. Scientists believe that the leak was a result of a crack in a maintenance pit in the Fukushima complex. The crack was a result of the earthquake and may have been leaking for over two weeks.

  2. James says:

    that is terrible

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