Airlines Sit and Watch the Euros Fly By

The ash cloud that came from the volcano in Iceland about a year ago had a huge economic impact on the whole world.  It shut down airlines for over a week and cost them about 130 million Euros per day. Other transportation services, however, benefited in the short run from the ash cloud.  People couldn’t fly, so they used ferries and trains instead.  Since this only went on for about a week, the ferry and train companies couldn’t benefit too much though. Also, it didn’t really effect tourism that much because it was not in prime tourism season. The people who had delayed flights overseas that were stuck in Europe were forced to spend more money there so it offset some of the losses. Imports and exports were minimally effected because it makes up 1% of the UK’s trade. Overall, it didn’t really effect anything except the airlines; but it effected them a lot.

-Austin R.

source: bbc

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