Chinese Mining City Struck By Massive Earthquake

On July 28th, 1976, the worst earthquake in modern times (by death toll) struck the city of Tangshan, China. The earthquake was a massive 8.3 on the Richter scale and officially killed 250,000 people and injured another 164,000. Some say there were many more dead from the natural disaster. The earthquake was so big that it knocked down over 90% of all building in the city. After the initial shock of the 8.3 earthquake there was an after shock around 16 hours later that was recorded as a 7.8 magnitude on the Richter scale which just added to the total deaths and injuries. There actually were warnings to the earthquake, which were rising and lowering to water levels by 3 feet. Not many people were educated with what this meant, and/or many people could not do anything about it. The reason for this being ranked in the top ten of “worlds worst disaster” rankings is because of the amount of deaths, and the amount of buildings lost.

Brad R

Sources: | USGS

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