My Storm Chaser Experience

I know we have a few weeks before we begin studying tornadoes, but I wanted to blog about this topic because it is the only natural disaster that I have encountered in my lifetime. When a series of tornados hit Detroit on July 2 of 1997, I was with my family at a local beach. One minute the weather was perfectly fine and the next minute, dark clouds brought along strong winds and heavy rains that nearly blew us off our feet. We could look up in the sky and see the cyclone forming as we were racing to safety. Fortunately, the tornado was moving away from our location. It was a terrifying experience and my family and I were lucky to have survived but the damage had been done to our home and neighborhood. After the storm had passed, it left seven people dead and millions of dollars in damages across the cities of Detroit, Highland Park and Hamtramck. This experience was so surreal because, as an 8-year-old child, I thought things like that only happened on TV but clearly, I was mistaken. To see pictures of the damages caused by this tornado, follow this link.

Keiara T

Sources Cited: Website Boileau | Wikipedia

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