Brazilian Landslides Wreak Havoc

In January of last year, Brazil experienced some of the worst landslides in it’s 190 year history as a country. Displacing nearly 14,000 Brazilian residents and killing hundreds of people, the landslides have been a huge catastrophe to the South American nation.

Over a period of 24 hours, Brazil’s mountainous regions saw rainfall of over 10 inches. So much rain in such a short period of time  caused massive mudslides. The reason for such high casualties is that the mudslides hit heavily populated areas during the night meaning most people were sleeping and had no warning of the encroaching disaster.

Brazil’s economy will take a dive from the landslides mostly in part to the affected tourism regions of Teresópolis, Petrópolis and Nova Friburgo. Rescue crews are hard at work looking for missing survivors and The Brazilian government has said it will be giving the affected areas money to rebuild.

Sam D.

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