Engineers Save More Lives Than Doctors

Recently in Japan, there was an earthquake and a tsunami. Luckily for the people of Japan, buildings have to follow strict regulations. Inside the tall, tall towers of modern Japan hide extra steel bracing, giant rubber pads, and hydraulic shock absorbers, all of which make Japan’s buildings some of the toughest in the world. All of this is thanks to the Civil Engineers in charge of planning the buildings, because without them, the people would be, for the lack of better word, screwed. Since Japan is much more prone to natural disasters than the U.S., they are prepared for any and all natural disasters which may occur. Japan also has sirens and escape routes in place in order to maximize the number of lives saved. Japan’s building codes combined with strict education and experience make it so that they are one of the most well prepared countries in the world to take on natural disasters.

James C.

Sources: NY Times | CBS News

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