New Zealand Earthquake Has Californians Questioning


Because of the tremendous impact that the New Zealand earthquakes had on the country and the news media, citizens of California are now re-evaluating the way they’ve been building their buildings. In New Zealand, many of the types of buildings that were completely destroyed are being looked closely after in California. These types of buildings are brick buildings with concrete frames made around the ’60s or ’70s that don’t have any reinforcement. In Christchurch, a 40-year old building that was not retrofitted collapsed and was said to have buried around 120 people. The buildings in California may now need to be retrofitted to cause less damage during shakings in a potential earthquake. California has had a hard time even getting hospitals and college campuses retrofitted, so it might cause a problem financially for the state. It’s better to do something now to prevent problems than cause even more damage when future earthquakes happen.

Cristina T.

Sources: LA Times | Newser

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