New Research Suggests Quartz May Be a Big Deal!!


A recent study conducted by Anthony Lowry [rvd: Utah State University] observing gravity, heat-flow measurements and the speed at which seismic waves travel suggests that quartz may be behind the formation and location of earth faults, mountains, valleys and plains. Lowry and partner Marata Perez-Gussive found using Earthscope that there is a correlation between geologic events and deposits of quartz; when present it indicates an area in Earth’s crust that is weak (fault lines). Also, quartz is believed to be linked to continental drift and the movement of earth’s plates. Trapped water in quartz is released when heated and under stress, which may be the result of sliding plates. Being able to asses the likelihood and strength of a possible earthquake based on its quartz content could give us clues, such as to where to build a dangerous buildings such as a nuclear plant.

Bronwyn C. |

[rvd: Lowry research page | Earthscope | Nature Commentary]

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