Food and Water in Possible Ruins

Not only is the country of Japan in ruins, but their food and water could be as well. Japanese are taking many precautions on food and water to make sure it is safe for the survivors of the Tsunami, as well as making sure the residents themselves are not contaminated with radiation. Tests were taken because extreme levels of radioactive substances were found in the water and food. Some substances, Iodine being in abundance, had more then 100 times higher the radio active material then government approved standards. But after tests were done, they were proven not present as a menace to human health. Government officials have banned some products that were produced around the plants where the radiation was discovered. This, however, does not mean that the radiation could never impact a person. If the radioactive substances lurk around and are constantly consumed for a long period of time, they could eventually harm human well-being.

Sources: CNN/Wall Street Journal

Andrea N.

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