2011 Earthquake in Myanmar

With all the attention on Japanese tsunami / earthquake combo the press has also taken a great interest in the earthquake that happened on March 24th, 2011 in Myanmar. Myanmar is located on the Indian Ocean east of India. The idea of a possible tsunami was intoxicating the public when news bulletins flashed, however, the ~7.0 earthquake was not on the coast, but 70 miles inland on the Myanmar/Laos border. Even though there was no possibility of a tsunami the death toll continues to climb. The number of deaths is currently at 75 people, which to Japan’s staggering 10,151 doesn’t compare realistically. As we have gone over in class the location that these natural occurrences happen greatly increase the death toll along with the monetary loss. So what seems relatively small can actually turn out to be disastrous.

Sources: Myanmar link | Japan link

– A. Cook

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