A Study Abroad Student’s Worst Nightmare

Imagine being away at college while disaster strikes your home country, with no way to contact your loved ones.  Twenty year old Akiko Kosaka was put in this very horrific situation when a 9.0 earthquake hit Japan, followed by destructive tsunami waves. Kosaka is attending the University of California at Riverside, but hails from Minami Sanriku, a Japanese fishing village that was struck by the tsunami. Minami Sanriku is missing over half of it’s 17,000 residents. Akiko believed her family had been lost as well. Kosaka had all but given up hope. That was until a friend back in Japan texted her that there was a YouTube video of her hometown that Kosaka’s sister, 24-year-old Shoko was alive and well in. The video shows the Akiko’s house still standing, with a sign reading “We are all Safe”.  Do you believe in miracles? On March 15, Kosaka became a believer.

Will N.

Good.is | annlrd.wordpress.com

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