Deadly Yellow

The Yellow River has taken its toll on China by flooding and causing a devastating amount of deaths. The flood of the Yellow River in 1887, caused approximately 900,000 lives to be lost. Due to the elevation of the river, farmers had to build many dikes to contain the rise of the river. However, when the rain fell heavily, is when the river would rise so much creating such a drastic flood. The flood spread about 50,000 square miles of Northern China so fast because of the plain that surrounds it. It left millions homeless and millions at loss. However, this is not the only time the Yellow River has flooded. Before this flood, in 1642 the river flooded causing around 300,000 casualties. As if that isn’t enough the river also flooded in 1931 and 1938 causing over millions of deaths each time.

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Stephany M

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