Flooding Fitzroy

Western Australia experienced flooding of the Fitzroy River due to mass amounts of rainfall in mid-march. Flooding of the river endangered both people and property, instigating an evacuation of the areas subject to the flood’s destined path. The river’s protrusion onto surrounding lands shows the severity of the flood when compared with the photo taken via satellite two weeks prior to the flood. Both photographs are provided in the ‘reference’ section below. This 480-kilometer river seems to extend approximately 20 kilometers in areas where it appeared shallow and miniscule before. This sudden extension of the river removed people from their homes and put antique art pieces in harms way. Additionally, the flood is damaging the surrounding lands by drowning any and all surrounding vegetation and presumably removing animals from their habitats. The flood will also halt the evacuated people from continuing their daily routine by placing a large, irremovable barrier in their way until the river finally recedes to its normal level so that they can return home.

Michael M

Reference: earthobservatory.nasa.gov | Australia Bureau of Meteorology Warning

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