Japan’s economic clean-up

Japanese companies are major exporters in the global market. When the disaster occurred on 3/11/2011, it was a scary sight for many importers and investors dealing with Japanese companies. An initial hypothesis may predict doom for many business people. Contrary to this initial thought, a major natural disaster in a developed, booming economy, may not actually cause as much damage as first thought. This is because strong companies will be able to rebuild themselves in the long run. After a natural disaster, the economy focuses on redistributing money, for example to construction workers. Still, a major economic problem lies with a lasting effect of the disaster, problems with the nuclear plants. It creates power depletion, which forces factories to shut down. From an economic standpoint, getting these nuclear plants up and running could be a key to Japan’s economic survival.

Mike M.

Sources: abs-cbnnews.com | newyorker.com

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