Tsunami devastations reach farther than just point of impact

As we have learned, a shift in a subducting plate zone near Japan caused for vertical displacement of water and resulted in a tsunami. The waves reached nearly 40 feet tall. However, Japan’s government has estimated that the damages from the tsunami could reach well over 25 trillion yen, which comes out to $309 billion. This would put the 2011 Kanto-Tohoku earthquake and tsunami among the top five most financially devastating natural disasters of all time. One important aspect to take into consideration is the impact of this disaster on Tokyo. Tokyo will feel the effects of power loss in the country. 32 power plants have been shut down and will cost companies in Tokyo extra money to run their businesses. The main power plant in Fukushima is 250 km away from Tokyo. If the economic hub for the entire country of Japan suffers massive economic repercussions, the disaster could be felt for decades.

Shawn C.

Sources: voanews.com | chinaworker.info

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