Keeping Up With the Disaster…

When Japan was devastated by natural disasters the world came together. My major is Telecommunications focusing on social media, and as awful as these disasters are it is quite something to see people come together to help Japan using their social media networks.

When the disasters first hit, during the week of March 14th, the majority of the subjects on blogs, Twitter, and YouTube were about this matter. While all 3 types of media focused on the earthquake/tsunami and now the radiation being released they each brought the world something different. Blogs were seen as an emotional release. Twitter meanwhile were being used to share breaking news. However, the most devastating videos of the tsunami and earthquake were being posted on YouTube, and they were horrifying. These videos along with the blogs and Twitter has helped raise over $136 million for Japan and that number is still rising. So, while this tragedy of events is awful the social networks have helped in ways nobody thought possible.

Lindsay M.

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