Pollution Triggered Floods and Prevention

Surrounded by the Great Lakes, Michigan weather is greatly influenced by the nearby bodies of water. One of the biggest natural threats in this State is flooding. Because of the neighboring waters, maintaining a delicate “environmental balance” is key to preventing many major floods that can result in property damage and potential fatalities. Pollution in these waters and the rivers connected are a big factor in the excess of flooding that occurs.
By taking a greener approach, one can reduce the amount of pollution that is contributed. Limiting our usage of cars can result in a reduction of fossil fuels released into the atmosphere. This can be done by taking alternative methods of transportation such as buses, biking or even walking. For other pollution problems, a student here at Michigan State University can take advantage of the provided recycle bins that are located through out campus.

Sources: raintreeacademy.com | www.westlancsdc.gov.uk

Brianne M.

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