Nukes, Tornados and Chaos

A series of tornadoes has recently swept through the South Eastern part of the United States, a region notorious for this type of weather, and has forced a nuclear power plant in Virginia to shut off two of its reactors. Winds of over 110mph from a single tornado in the series have been reported, as well as mobile homes being thrown 50ft off path; the casualties and damage have been disastrous. The Carolinas, Virginia and Oklahoma, all known to have significant tornado risks, have sustained millions of dollars worth of damage at the least. Damages of this caliber and the thought of a nuclear power plant starting to fail, after what has happened in Japan, could instigate mass hysteria and chaos. As a criminal justice student looking to work for the federal government, disasters of this magnitude will directly impact me in the future, as thousands of emergency officials and agents are being sent to help rebuild these damaged cities, communities, and citizens; and one day I might be one of those officials sent to respond.

Elizabeth A.

Two Sources: and the course book,   Natural Hazards and Disasters, Third Edition, By David and Donald Hyndman, 2011.

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