After 3 Years Debris Hits the USA

In three years the U.S could be affected by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March of this year. The 8.9 magnitude earthquake, which was near the east coast of Japan, caused the 30-foot wall of water that carried a lot of debris out eastward into the North Pacific subtropical gyre. It’s projected that in two years all of the Hawaiian Islands will see some debris. A year after that the U.S. west coast will see pieces washing up on the beach. What is not on the beach will then be washed back into the North Pacific Garbage Patch. All of this debris will cause damage to California and the Hawaiian beaches along with the Hawaiian reefs. The ocean was a dump before this disaster but with these projections it will be easier to clean up the debris before too much is damaged such as marine ecosystems, fisheries and shipping.

Morgan A.


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