Safety First!

Children enrolled in school in the United States have been ducking under desks and shielding themselves against earthquakes for decades. Currently the Victory Boulevard School, located in north Hollywood, holds two earthquake drills a month, which is more than their school district requires. This is because a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Los Angeles a year prior [rvd: the NYT article quoted is from 1999]. Students who attend Laurel Canyon Elementary school, also located near north Hollywood, are required to have a bag filled with water, nonperishable food, a flashlight and a note from their parents. The school even has teachers be trained in firefighting and search and rescue. The district has enough water to last three days for every student as well as food. Administration is aware that an earthquake and other natural disasters will occur again, so they pride themselves on being prepared at all times. That is one school district that is ready for anything!

Allison A | Readin, Writin’, and Earthquake Drills  in the New York Times

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