After Effects from Japan Earthquake

We all know by now that a magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit Japan and caused a huge tsunami that did major damage across Japan, and now faces one of the worst nuclear emergencies in recent memory. On April 8th Japan experienced the largest aftershock yet from this earthquake leaving the northeast part of the country without power. (Over 900,000 with no power) Japan says more aftershocks are going to come. This could cause Japan many problems. They have been working very hard to minimize the effects of the damaged nuclear reactor plants. They recently dumped 11,500 tons of radiated water into the Pacific Ocean (which is a whole other problem in and of itself) to make room for even more radioactive water. This is highly reliant on having power. If an aftershock was to hit one of the plants dealing with the radioactive water and reactors the effects on Japan could be devastating.

Joseph L. |

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