Being Prepared Means Everyone

The bustling streets and subways of New York City came to halt this past December thanks to one of the biggest recorded blizzards that has ever hit the city.  Over the night of the 26th and into the day on the 27th, Central Park saw 13 inches of snow while totals in Brooklyn and Bedford Park (Bronx) reached 17.5 and 22 inches, respectively.  In retrospect, the Sanitation Department as well as the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) were highly unprepared and caught off guard. Riders on the A train were stranded for a reportedly 8 hours and despite the 365 salt trucks and 1,600 plows, streets remained unplowed for days.

The musicians of the New York Philharmonic, however, were over prepared to face such a storm.  The concert program I was attending was supposed to have two guest artists.  Due to the storm these guests could not make rehearsals and forced the orchestra to put together and rehearse pieces that were not planned.  The concert was flawless and proves that even the least likely of people need to be prepared for the worst when it comes to unexpected natural events.

Ryan F.

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