Farms Affected by Recent Tornadoes!

Saturday there were multiple tornadoes that tore through North Carolina. According to an article on, a farm in Four Oaks, NC, experienced 2 tornadoes that tore apart 17 of their buildings. The 2 tornadoes combined to create a giant storm force that flattened Stony Fork Farms. The farm experienced a total loss on their buildings with nothing left to salvage estimated at $1 million dollars in damages. Owner Rickie Norris is not sure when they will be up and running again or what amount the insurance will cover on their damages. Ā Another farmer that operates a greenhouse/nursery is struggling to overcome the damages on over 75% of their facilities. This being their busiest time of the year they are struggling to fix damages and keep up with the demand. Natural disasters that affect farms pose a problem when it comes to meeting consumer demands.

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Rachel P.

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