Tornado Devastates a N.C. College – Beneficial or Detrimental?

A tornado that swept through Raleigh, North Carolina ended Shaw University’s semester earlier than previously expected. Shaw University is the oldest Black College in the South and is affiliated with the Baptist Church. There were many controversial views throughout campus about whether this recent damage is positive or negative. According to an article posted in the NY Times, some students felt that a rebuilding of the campus is a good thing because they viewed it as being very out of style and old. Others felt differently because of the fact that there is no guarantee that the school will be rebuilt or opened at all. The statement from the school is that it is closed indefinitely, the decision still needs to be made as to whether it will open again, when it would open again and what reconstruction would be done if it does open again.

Jamie F.

Sources: NY Times | Statement from Shaw University

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2 Responses to Tornado Devastates a N.C. College – Beneficial or Detrimental?

  1. isp203 says:

  2. isp203student says:

    This article poses some very interesting concerns. Many historically black universities or colleges are structurally out of date do to the preservation of the historic image. If there is a chance for Shaw University to be rebuilt I think it will be highly beneficial and innovative for students who attend or plan to attend in the near future. The cost of hbcu’s are very expensive and students should get their money worth. I share this fervor for redevelopment because my sister attended the very expensive Hampton University, also an hbcu, and the buildings were out of date and in need of serious repair. As costly as tuition is with no goverment aide, these schools should look to spend their financial resources and live up to the prestige their name gives.
    -Sabree’ C

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