Tsunami Affecting Automakers throughout the World!

As the Earthquake and Tsunami hit the country of Japan, the auto industry began to take a hit. This is where my major of Supply Chain Management resembles this tragedy. Japan being the 3rd largest automobile manufacturer, after the U.S. and China, took a huge hit in this industry. Cars which are assembled in about 10,000 pieces, are received from countries all around the world and then assembled in a specific country. Being a supply chain manager, it would be hard to make sure each and every part is received by this country when there are factories that are being rebuilt, dangerous storms in the seas, and everything else that affects the parts from getting from point  A to point B. So even though it was Japan that was struck by this devastating disaster, the United States Automakers are still struggling without these parts from Japan.

Source: CNN, Torque News

Tyler W.

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