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Poll: The Coming Water Revolution Seminar

On Thursday April 12, the author of “The Big Thirst“, Charles Fishman, will present a public seminar in the Kellogg Center (Centennial Room, 3:30-4:30). ISP203B class will be canceled this day; your attendance at this seminar is entirely voluntary. Please … Continue reading

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Safety First!

Children enrolled in school in the United States have been ducking under desks and shielding themselves against earthquakes for decades. Currently the Victory Boulevard School, located in north Hollywood, holds two earthquake drills a month, which is more than their … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye To Ocean Life!?

This week in the New York Times, Mark Bittman wrote an interesting piece on how bad carbon dioxide emissions are effecting our oceans. The CO2 discharge is more tolling than any historical oil spill, even including the devastating BP drilling rig explosion that … Continue reading

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Pollution Triggered Floods and Prevention

Surrounded by the Great Lakes, Michigan weather is greatly influenced by the nearby bodies of water. One of the biggest natural threats in this State is flooding. Because of the neighboring waters, maintaining a delicate “environmental balance” is key to … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Disaster

In relating this blog to my major (psychology) I learned that there is something called disaster psychiatry. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the symptoms that come with it can be a result of many things besides war. Some common psychiatric … Continue reading

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New Research Suggests Quartz May Be a Big Deal!!

A recent study conducted by Anthony Lowry [rvd: Utah State University] observing gravity, heat-flow measurements and the speed at which seismic waves travel suggests that quartz may be behind the formation and location of earth faults, mountains, valleys and plains. Lowry … Continue reading

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Laguna Beach Landslides

As a young teen, my favorite TV show was Laguna Beach. It was a show on MTV, about a group of high school students, their social life and drama, living in Laguna Beach, California. I love the beach, so the … Continue reading

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Dirty Thunderstorms, Volcanos Produce Lightning?

When thinking of a volcano a person thinks of lava, ash, and mudslides, but lightning?  Yes I said lightning.  This little understood and somewhat rare occurrence happens when the ash from the erupting volcano, ice particles, and rock fragments collide … Continue reading

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Move the date of Midterm 2 from Thursday March 17 to Tuesday March 22?

If you object to moving the date, please send me an email with the reason.

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Building to save lives

Areas of the world that are prone to earthquakes like California, Chile and other places that lie on active faults need to be more educated about building structures and safer spots to build homes. In Haiti, about 250,000 deaths occurred … Continue reading

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Can Animals Help Predict Earthquakes?

Many have dogs that tell us if there is someone at the door by barking excessively even before the doorbell rings. Many animals have exceptional olfactory senses and have saved families when smelling a fire. With all the “special powers” animals … Continue reading

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Poll: Are you planning to blog for this class?

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Welcome to the blog for ISP203B

Welcome to the blog for ISP203B, a class on Natural Hazards and Disasters taught at Michigan State University. Section 2 in Spring 2011 is taught by Remke van Dam, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences. This blog will … Continue reading

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